Are you the kind of person that sets goals and achieves them? Are you competitive? Are you driven to win? At foru, we've established one of the most unique and achievable incentive programs in the industry, one that you can personalize just for you.

Enroll 3

Yours is FREE Enroll just 3 EZ ship customers and your product is free.*

Stock Incentives

Earn stock options and stock grants as you move up the compensation plan.

E4 - Enroll 4 Bonus

Enroll 4 Brand Partners who order a Results Pack in any calendar month and earn one share of the E4 Bonus Pool.***

Mentor Match

Help any of your personally enrolled Brand Partners earn the E4 Enroll 4 Bonus and earn a share of the E4 Bonus Pool.**

Luxury Car Bonus

Audi. BMW. Lexus. Infiniti. Mercedes. Cadillac. Jaguar. What drives your DNA? At foru International, your efforts can quickly reward you with the luxury car of your dreams.

* Of equal or lesser retail value.

** Additional qualifications may apply.

*** Results Pack must be minimum of 75 BV

new car

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